Glitter 'Gel Yeah!' Gel Pen Set
Oh gelllll yeah!'s gel pens are made for writing down all of your hopes and dreams and to-dos and anything else you can think of. In bold glitters and metallics, they'll make anything you put on paper come to life!...
17 Month Planner
$22.00 $12.99
17 Month Planner
8.125 in. x 5.125 in. 100 gsm wood-free paper elastic band closure 17 months (aug. ‘19—dec. ‘20) matte laminated hard cover perfect pink satin ribbon placeholder case-bound, lay flat design perfect pink satin ribbon placeholder pocket on inside back cover...
$22.00 $12.99
Glitter Bomb Water Bottle
Who says you can't glitz it up while you're sweating it out at the gym? Stay hydrated and glittery with this shimmering, double-walled water bottle fitted with a removable mouthpiece. 2 1/2" x 11" 0.6 lbs. Holds 16 oz. BPA, lead and...
Floral Mini Rough Draft Notebook
You are very smart. Smart people love notebooks and this, well, this is a notebook to love. Featuring gold spirals and an adorable centerfold, you'll never want to be without one. And why should you? You're gonna need a place...
'Drinking Enough Water?' Water Bottle
Could good health geeeet any cuter? We think not! Hydrate that body, missy!
Getaway Toiletry Bag
The prettiest toiletry bag ya ever did see! This one's a necessity for any girl-on-the-go, complete with a handle, an interior mesh bag, pockets, and a double zipper. 3.5 in. x 5.5 in. x 8 in. Surface design by Helen...
Confetti Glitter Bomb iPhone Case (iPhone 7/8)
We’re not saying that owning a glitter bomb phone case is essential to leading a full life, but we’re also not not saying it…if you catch our drift. This one fits an iPhone 6, 6s, 7, or 8 and is...
$30.00 $24.99
'Happy Place' Eye Mask
You know when you’re trying to take a nap in a car or a plane, but you can’t because the sun is just way too bright? This eye mask has you covered. Literally. And if you have a piñata lying...
The Classic 12-Month Planner in Gold Glitter
This planner spans January to December 2020 and is full of what you already love—year, month, and week views, cool artwork from cool people, stickers, and more. Plus, it has new features like a personality quiz and a 3D page...
$20.00 $12.99
Wish You Were Here Beach Towel
If you're reading this, you are officially banned from taking your shower towel to the beach ever again. It's time to take your beach game to a whole other level with's big and bold towel. Just imagine the photographic possibilities...
Getaway Travel Clutch
The Travel Clutch—what can’t it do?! It has a cool zip around design, a special place for your passport, and a handy removable wristlet. It can fit any iPhone (yes, even a 7 Plus!) and can also be used as...
$38.00 $29.99
Glitterbomb Heart Inner-tube
Talk about photo-op central: summer, pool, and you loungin' in a big ol' heart! The likes are alreeeeady rolling in! This inner-tube is made of heavyweight vinyl, is partially translucent, has tons of confetti glitter inside(!), and makes any pool or beach...
'I'm Outta Here' Passport Holder
...Because Paris is, in fact, always a good idea. (as are Tokyo, Berlin, Tel get the idea). You'll look so fly *wink* when you fly with's honey of a passport holder that the customs officials won't even notice your smuggled macarons....
'I'm Outta Here' Luggage Tag
With these adorable tags affixed to your goods, you'll breeze through the baggage claim and be on your way to new adventures (in no time flat. Blaze those trails, girl! 3 in. x 4.5 in. leatherette neon pink interior metallic gold...
Sticker Book (PT. 4)'s done it again! And by “it” we mean we made another sticker book! This one has everything you expect from a sticker book…like a ton of really cute art from talented as hell artists, letters, reminders, compliments, shiny smile...
Rough Draft Large Notebook
Sometimes big ideas take big space! This large notebook has 160 pages, a secret (and encouraging!) centerfold, and super shiny metallic gold wire-o binding. 9 in. x 11 in. 160 lined, perforated pages Wire-o bound with metallic gold wire Holographic letters...
Glitter Bomb Tumbler Set
nothing quite says "life of the party" like glitter bomb tumblers! each of the tumblers in this set hold 12 oz. and are filled with tons of floating glitter. 4.75 in. x 3.5 in. Infused acrylic 12 oz. capacity Set of...
Get it Together Card Case
Think of this card case as an easy, minimalist wallet for those extra important cards you can't leave home without. It's made of leatherette, has a top opening for bills or cards, and has two extra card sleeves on the...
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